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A few days in York

A few weeks ago I decided to go for a few nights away with the boyfriend, this year we have planned to go on more weekends away, we agreed to never go to the same place more than once.
So far we have been to Brighton, Manchester and Liverpool so this time we chose York, so many people have mentioned that it is such a beautiful city. 
We stayed at the StayCity apartments on Paragon Street, location was ideal as it was just a short walk to the shops and there were lots of pubs on the way! The interia of the reception was so unique, I had never seen anything like it.
The room we were allocated was so up to date and it came with a fridge, kettle, toaster, electric hobs and more! It was really clean which I was super impressed about because we didn’t pay much to stay. The bed was huge and we had all the complementary coffee, teas and sugars. 
We were super tired on our first night so we only went to a few little pubs and to the closest Wetherspoons for some late tea which was lush but coul…

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