May bank holiday weekend in Llandudno!☀️

Helloooo everyone!!πŸŒΈπŸ’•
Every year I go with my boyfriends family to Llandudno for the bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May, we go for my boyfriends birthday and just because it's a good time to go as there are lots of events happening!
When we come to Llandudno the first thing we do is go to the transport festival to see all the old cars,bikes,wagons, busses, trucks, every motor veichle that has been made! After all this has finished most of the veichle get ready for a transport festival parade! This is when most of them go in a line through Llandudno and up to the Great Orme! It is pretty amazing to see!
Also on the same day there is a Victorian extravaganza! ALOT of people get into the spirit and dress up like Victorians, it's so nice to see people making an effort and making Llandudno, well.. LLANDUDNO!

This is what I'm doing on my May Bank Holiday weekend, and I want to know what you are doing for yours??😁😁


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