Helloooo everyone!! This Friday I am going on holiday for seven days to Malta! I am so excited, I'm all packed and ready to go so I just need the day to come! I have left a few things till last minute like towels, underwear, travel plug ect.. And it would be a travesty if I actually forgot these three important and life changing items! (Miss dramatic award goes to me!) but seriously now, you can't go on holiday without underwear, or a towel to take to the pool and beach, maybe you could live without a travel plug but you may not be able to charge your phone, use hair care equipment, and I need these things!!
I really want to know if anyone of you are going in holiday this year or have already been? I love being able to talk to people who are going on holiday and we can get all giddy and excited together hehe!! 💃🐬🌞☀️🌊🍹🏊🏄✈️⚓️


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