My first MAC purchase!

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that I haven't posted in nearly a whole month! I have been super busy with college, work, revising my theory for my car theory test that's next month, and most of all, getting ready for Christmas! When I have a little time to myself I like to do a bit of retail therapy, who doesn't right? This post is about my FIRST ever MAC purchase.. Every girl needs to own atleast one MAC product. I did, I owned the Lady Gaga Viva Glam 2 lipstick! I didn't buy this, my aunt gave it to me. I then purchased my own lipstick with my own money, if you have ever been into the MAC shop or on the website you'd know that there is so much to chose from. I did know that I wanted a lipstick, I just didn't know what colour. After hours of researching I came across the shade Ruby Woo! This is a matte finish coral/red lipstick, It goes so well with my skin colour.

Sorry about my poorly chipped nails! 
I found this product amazing so the following week I bought another! I bought the shade Kushi Kiss.. This ones a matte finish too, but I don't really favourite this one. 

My next MAC purchase has to be Diva.. I'm going to Chester next week so I'll purchase that one at the MAC shop they have in Debenhams.

Happy holidays! Xxxxx


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