New glasses?🤔🤓

Ok. So for a number of years Iv had to wear glasses, but I don't, I don't wear them when I suppose to. I never worn my first ever pair because I was afraid people would call me silly names, they did. So I never worn them again. My second pair were my fave, they were black "geek" glasses as people would call them, they fitted my face perfectly, I know that sounds weird but you can get glasses that look stupidly too big for your face. No. These fitted perfect until I lost them, I was devastated. I never wore glasses for around two years until I had my two year check up letter through the post from specsavers! So I thought I best book an appointment.
I had an appointment the following week, the appointment was the same old, read the letters off a board, bright lights in your eye, and I found out one of my eyes were stronger than the other.
I thought I was going to have to pay for new glasses, but the lovely gentleman told me because I'm 18 and in full time education, I get them for free! Yippee!!
So I went off to browse at the different specs they had to offer! Some looked ridiculous on me, but I found, again, the perfect pair! Here they are! 

I love them! Again Iv gone for the geek look but not as big, I need to go back to get them tightened because they are still a little too big! I suggest anyone and everyone to go get a check up because you'd be surprised. I only went the first time because I had a lot of cluster headaches and now I got these lush babies! 

If you wear glasses, why? And where from? 🤓🤓🤓xxxxx


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