Becoming a MUA and Spray tanner 💄

A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be able to do a spray tanning course! I have always wanted to do one ever since I started to wear false tan. My mum and step dad bought me a spray tanning kit for Christmas last year and Iv used it once or twice. They payed a great deal of money for it so I thought if I could get a qualification in spray tanning, I could use it and build up my own small business. The course I did cost £75. It lasted a few hours in a academy called CS beauty, the lady who runs the course was lovely. She explained everything so well and was patient with me.

I have also started doing make up for people during my spare time. I have tones of make up which is a bonus so I do not have to go out and buy loads. I have had a few clients up to now who have loved their make up looks which is great. So I am building up my client list.
Doing beauty on the side to earn myself a bit of money is great because I am a full time student with a part time job who is learning to drive, so I don't have much money for myself so I find doing make up and spray tans to earn money helps me out a lot.

I am so excited for my little journey xxxxx


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