Embarrassing photo's LEAKED!

Sooooooooo.. As i'm getting more closer and confident with my readers and YouTube viewers, I thought it would be a great although stupid idea to show you all my most embarrassing pictures! These are awful!

This one is super bad! I think it's from the old central days. This was a 13-17 year old's night club on a Tuesday night every month. They were mostly themed and every teenager in Wrexham went! I have nooooo idea what this theme was as I am a rabbit... Me and my friend went dressed the same! I never want to see this photo again hahaha!

As you can probably tell this was when I was in school! I'm in maths and I have no idea WHY I even have a bunny on my shoulder (did you even notice that?) I have a chavy 2Pac bandanna in my hair and my Jesus bracelet on! What is even with that pose? Ohhhh to be in school again... I think if I listened in Maths then I wouldn't be resitting it at the age of 19!

Who do I honestly think I am? Pamela Anderson without the red swim suit... I am SO glad I don't have a fringe covering my whole face like that any more! Also.. Is it wet or greasy? What am I pointing at? Who was even taking these photo's??? I have so many more embarrassing photos from this holiday that are keeping top secret!

HAHAHAHA I cannot deal with this photo!!!!! That pose girllll. Love the flash in the mirror, can totally see my face an all! Don't even ask about the hand as well! I think I didn't want to swear but I still wanted to look cool! Also, where the heck are my brows????

Well that's all I'm showing you guys, hope you've had a giggle because I have!
Next time I might do a video on reacting to my old photos...
Thanks for reading xxxx


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