Step by step smoky eye look

I was very bored yesterday considering it was a typical lazy Sunday, the boyfriend was having a nap, and I was stuffed from my Sunday lunch made by the mother. So I thought I should do a little step by step collage on a smoky eye! I thought I did okay so I'm going to share it with you.

1) After you've done your brows. You want to prime your eyes. To do this I used a concealer (you can use a primer or concealer) The concealer I used is by collection 2000 in the shade fair. It's great for highlighting the area too! Once Iv blended the concealer. I go over it with a similar coloured shadow to make the eye lid smooth. This will make the eye shadow blend a lot easier.

2) I then went in with a soft light brown shade using a thin brush. I went back and forth just above my crease to make more definition to my eye. I then used a bigger brush to blend out the colour and to make the line look less harsh.

3) Again, I done the same but with a darker shade of brown to make it look more dramatic, and again, I blended out that colour using a bigger brush. It helps to blend lightly for a more softer blend.

4) Once you've got that cut crease look. You want to go back in with the concealer from the beginning, and put it over your lid in a half circle shape. This will make that line more sharp. I then patted the concealer down with a light shadow to make it smooth.

5) Now you want to start focusing on the outer corner of your eyes. To do this I used a small fluffy brush to add a medium brown to the outer and blend it out with that bigger fluffy brush. Your blend should look good because it will blend into that cut crease we have already created. 

6) Now we've got the brown sorted. You want to add black. I would recommend adding a little at a time, as black shadow can make or break a look. Be brave, but add a small bit at a time and blend it out. Carrying on with the outer corner. Leave the middle of the lid and inner corner of the eye. You want to keep that looking light.

7) This is when you want to finish the rest of your face such as foundation, concealer ect. After you've done that. It's time to add some shadow to your bottom lash line. To do this I used a small brush to add a medium brown and blending it out with a small fluffy brush.

8) This is the same step as number 7, but you want to add dark colours. Either a black or a brown will do, remember to blend out that colour because after all, we are doing a smoky eye! I also added a small amount of light gold shimmer onto my lid and blended it into the dark shades.

9) To finish off your look, you can add some highlight to the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop! You also might want to add some liquid liner. I haven't done this so I just stuck with mascara and some lashes from Eyelure! Now my look is complete!

Let me know how you get on!

Reag xxxxxx


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