The BeautyShip 👽💄

For over a year now Iv been apart of an amazing beauty group called, "The BeautyShip".

Most of you may of heard about this group and are apart of the amazing community that is has created. It was created last year in August by a fab woman called Kelly. She didn't expect it to become a big group or it to get more than 100 members, but a year later, it has over 23k members! 

Myself, along with 10 other woman, help Kelly run the group, we do fun stuff like run raffles to win make up, skin care products and more. The group is a mixture of girls and boys which is amazing as there are a lot of males who are the bomb and make up! I have learnt a lot from them! The make up looks that are posted everyday are unreal! I have learnt so many different things just by being on the group. 

It's not all just about make up, people ask for advice about skincare, hair care, or just a genuine chat with everyone. We also have other groups for mums, craft lovers, a buy and sell page and more! Kelly made all of these and they're all a huge success! 

I don't go out a lot or socialise much in person, so I am so greatful to have the group and to of made such amazing friends! Me and the admin girls talk everyday, and have such a great bond even though some of us haven't even met eachother! Seeing friendships form on the group is so heartwarming! 

Soooooo I suggest that if you're not apart of the amazing BeautyShip, then ask yourself why not? And join 👽💄⛵️

Farewell shipmates ⛵️💗 BeautyShip


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