University stationary checklist

Soooooo, I start university a week today and I am rather nervous! other than student finance issues I feel like I am ready... My fave thing about a new academic year is buying stationary. From pens, to laptops, I heart it all.

I thought I would create a little checklist to help you to get ready for uni..
My university hasn't provided me with a list of items I will need for the course, so I have guessed on this occasion.

***Please note that I am studying Early Childhood Studies, so your check list may be the same or slightly different, depending on your course***

My little desk I use for studying in my room
  • Pens - I bought BIC blue ball point pens, they came in a pack of 8 from Poundland! BARGAIN. Always have more than two pens, just in case yours runs out, or your mate is not as organised as you!
  • Highlighters - Again, from Poundland, they have some amazing stuff there at the moment, you can get highlighters from most places such as ASDA, Tesco, WH-Smith ect.
  • A4 refilable writing pad - This is so important if you like to keep all your work in one folder, you can get these super cheap or you can splash the cash and buy a pukka pad.
  • A4 folder / Arch folder - To keep all of your work or important things in, I got mine from Tesco.
  • Subject notebook - I bought mine from PaperChase, they have some stunning things in there at the moment! It's only an A5 one too.
  • Plastic wallets - So important if you want to keep work safe.
  • Academic diary - Ebay have lots of these at the moment, Mine was only £3 at the most. 
  • Sticky notes - The works has lots of different types of sticky notes, you can get pastel colours or the original bright ones that stand out. I got mine in a set, they're not bright but they come in a cute little box.
  • Sharpies - You cannot forget the sharpies! I had a massive pack for Christmas with every colour you can think of.
  • Fine liners - Tesco is your best bet! Mine cost me a couple of pounds for all colours, they make your work look more bright and fun.
  • Pencils - Because you never know when you're going to need to release your inner artist?
  • Rubber - For when you realise you are NOT an artist!
  • Sharpener - A lot of people forget sharpeners!
  • To do lists - Ebay and Poundland have some lovely to do lists.
  • Pencil case - To put all your things in! I have two, one is from ebay, and the other is from TopShop and it has little pugs all over it.
You may also need things like;-
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Paperclips
  • Sellotape
  • Folder dividers
I hope this as helped you in a way, it has certainly helped me. Good luck for uni :-) xxxxx


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