How to start up a blog

Sooooo many people have asked me how I started my blog, so I thought I would write a kind of ''beginners guide'' on how to create a blog.
I have been blogging for a few years now so I think I am in a good position to offer some advice and guidance.
Making your own website is not easy, the signing up process is, but putting the effort into your blog can be quite difficult.

1) Think about why you want to blog, for fun? to make money? as a project? etc.. I started my blog because I wanted a place where I can write all my thoughts, feelings, tips and tricks.

2) Think of a name, you want your name to be catchy and easy for people to remember. Nothing too long as people won't be able to remember it. You want to be remembered.

3) Choose a website. For beginners, I recommend, It's ran by google and it is very easy to set up. It's easy to design so you can personalise your blog to suit you.
If you want to be more serious about your blog then maybe better.
If you also want to have your own personalised domain, you can buy one for a few pounds from websites such as

4) Customise your blog. Think of a theme, is it a beauty blog? a travel blog or just a genuine lifestyle blog? You wan't the layout, pictures and colours to fit in with the theme of your posts.
If you are using the free version, you need to remember that you will be limited to themes and what you can do on your blog.
If you want complete control over your blog then I would get a host. You can purchase these online.

5) Once you have done all this, you're ready to start posting your content! An introduction post is always a great way to get going, give your readers a background about yourself.

6) Promote! Let your friends and family know about your blog, share it on social media and join blogging groups on Facebook.

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea on how to create a blog, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you as much as I can :-) Happy blogging. xxx


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