Why have I stopped YouTube?

I haven't actually made a YouTube video in seven months. That's a really long time considering I was uploading every week or so for a few months.. I enjoy making YouTube videos so having to stop was really hard for me.
As some of you may know, I have been quite poorly for a good 8 months now, Iv been undergoing a lot of different tests to find out what's wrong ect..
The reason I have stopped making videos is because my voice has completely changed. I woke up one morning, and basically couldn't talk properly. I went to the doctors straight away as I thought I might of had a throat infection or something.
I have a rare muscle disease that has caused inflammation in the muscles in my nose, throat and around my voice box. Hence why my voice has changed. I have to repeat myself a lot when talking to people and the more I talk, the worse it gets.
With the long term medication I am on, my voice has already improved, but I am quite embarrassed with how I sound. I sound like I am talking out of my nose.
I start speech therapy in January so once that's undergoing, and I have improvement in my voice I will 100% get back into making videos, but for now, I will stick to my blog, Facebook page and Instagram.

Hope you understand X


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