MUA in the making?

I have loved make up for such a long time, I probably started when moving up to high school which was nearly 10 whole years ago. I have always taught myself how to apply make up by watching videos on YouTube and just experimenting with the dream matte mousse and thick black eye liner.

Well last week I enrolled on to a part time cosmetic make up course at my local college. I have wanted to do make up for a long time but I haven’t got any qualifications or the confidence so I figured that maybe this course will help me.
The first lesson was fab, everyone was so nice and we all got on so well, we learnt how to cleanse the face before make up application and how to do an eye brow shape with tweezers. I was shocked by how much I actually learnt as I’m quite clued up with skincare.

Last nights lesson was all about eye lash and brow tinting, I learnt that you can get a grey tint. Although it’s not very popular, we can use it to cool down another tint colour.


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