What I hope to achieve in 2018

2017 has been the worst year ever for me, I feel as if I haven't achieved as much as I'd of liked to due to multiple reasons..

I was planning on passing my driving test but I had to stop my lessons six months ago. So that is on the top of my priority list! I unfortunately need to retake my theory test as it ran out last month. I have my lesson next week and I am determined to do a lesson each week without cancelling! I need to pass!!!!

I want to save money as well, I have never been good at saving money but I have been researching good money saving tips so I am willing to give it ago and hopefully will have a good bulk of money by the end of the year. It is always so important to have savings just in case anything happens and then you have the money for back up.

This year I need to leave the house more, and do more things with my friends, I have severely isolated myself and I haven't been on a night out in time in a year, I just can't bring myself to go.
My health has gotten a lot better which I am super happy about so I feel like all these goals above can be achieved if I put my mind to it and not give up so easily.


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