My Lush must haves

I have loved Lush since forever, I actually cannot remember my first time discovering Lush but I do know that my first purchase was a bath bomb! I think their bath bombs have to be the best, they are the only bath bombs that me and my sister can use and it doesn't make our eczema and psoriasis flare up.
Over the years I have tried a lot of their products and I can honestly say, hand on heart that I have never had any issues with any of them, I have adored them all.
The creativity that goes into creating each product amazes me, a lot of though goes into them all, from scents to formula's, they're all unique.
I do not have a Lush store in my home town so I have to travel to the next town if I ever want to go, so when I do go, I go a bit mad and buy everything, but then again, how can you go into a Lush store and just buy one thing???
So, I am going to show you the Lush products that I have been loving since Christmas.

1) Sleepy - This is a body butter that smells like lavender, you apply it to your body before bed time and it helps you sleep. It is very popular and I cannot believe that I have only recently tried it out, but whenever I apply it, I sleep through the night. 
2) Santa's belly - This is a weird one, it is actually a shower wash but in actual jelly form, genius right? It's the shape of Santa's belly too when you take it out of the pot. It's bright red and has glitter inside. The jelly products last so much longer than a normal shower gel.
3) Christingle - OMG, Christingle is a body conditioner, so you basically put it on when you're in the shower or in the bath leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse off. It leaves your skin feeling really hydrated. This one is called Christingle as it is a mint flavour and it makes your skin tingle.
4) Jason and the Argon oil shampoo bar - A shampoo but as a solid? I was super shocked when I discovered this so I had to buy it. It is amazing, and it lasts much longer than a normal shampoo in a bottle! My nan actually asked me to get her one and she loves it just as much as I do.
5) Rose jam shower gel - Rose is one of my favourite scents, so to find a product in lush that smells like roses made me extremely happy. It is not a strong scent so it's not sickly or overpowering, it's just right. 
6) Lavender Vida Loca - When I buy soap from Lush I usually buy rockstar as that scent will never get boring, but, this soap is sooooo nice. It also has bits of flowers in it too. Lush do that a lot.

(Please note only some products are linked as some are only exclusive at Christmas time so they are no longer available on the Lush website but I am sure you can find something much similar) 


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